Frequently Asked Questions

Which class do I choose?
Kindermusik has carefully organised their programs to accommodate children's ages and developmental abilities.  It's important that your child is at least the minimum age at the start of the program in which you are enrolling.  If you are still unsure, you may request an assessment is done so as to place your child into the class which is most suitable.

Can I come to an introductory class?
YES! ALL families are welcomed to come along and experience an INTRODUCTORY class.  This lets you experience what Kindermusik has to offer and see if it's a good fit for your family. When you come to participate in an established class, you will experience some of the routines and rituals of the class structure. This will give you an idea of what to expect from your child once they become comfortable with the class setting.

To participate in an introductory class, contact Miss Catherine by phone or email. You will be advised when a class is available.

When can I enrol?
You can enrol at ANYTIME! You don't have to wait until the beginning of another term. The fees will be adjusted to cover only what you will actually use. Families will receive a credit for the introductory class attended once enrolled.

Do I participate in the class with my child?
YES! Your role in a Kindermusik is very important. The classes are designed to foster the parent:child bond and honour your role in your child's development. Parents are involved in the following ways:
- Music for babies, walkers and toddlers: parents are active participants in each class, remaining with the child during the whole of each class.
- Music for preschoolers and big kids: this is a drop off class and parents participate in the final 15 minutes of each class.

During your involvement in class, the most important thing you can do is be an active and patient role model. It isn't uncommon for a child to attend for several weeks before feeling comfortable in class.  Please don't be discouraged! What your child is absorbing during class time is often realised more back in the home rather than actually in class. The understanding and consistency of parent and carer involvement in class AND at home are key to facilitating musical learning and growth.

Can non-enrolled siblings come to class?
Our unique classes facilitate the bond between you and your child. For this reason non-enrolled siblings cannot be accommodated, sorry. However, siblings are welcome during Gathering Time (prior to class actually starting) and during the 15 minute sharing time in the classes for preschoolers and big kids.
If you do have more than one child to participate in a class, please enquire about Family Classes available.

How long am I committed to coming to classes?
Once enrolled, you've made a commitment to attend at least 4 consecutive classes (NOT included the preview class). If after that time you wish to cancel your enrolment, you may do so and receive a refund of any extra class payments made. You will automatically be enrolled for the following term unless you have advised otherwise prior to the end of term.
There is no refund for your @Home materials. These are for you to keep and enjoy using at home.

How much are classes?
Class costs are calculated to include the class instruction as well as your @Home materials.
$16.50 per first child and $11.50 for siblings. Family rates capped at $28/class.
(* twins: special rate of $20/class for 1-2yrs, $25/class for ages 3+)
Fees are calculated per term and payable at the first class of each term.

Playdates are priced separately as advertised via a facebook event or listed on this website.
What payment methods do you accept?
You may choose to pay by cash or credit card. Ongoing enrollments will be invoiced with option to pay cash, bank deposit or credit card.

If you should have any other questions not answered here or on any of the other information pages on this site, please feel free to contact Miss Catherine to discuss.


Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Kindermusik Educators bring abundant talents from prior experience, complete a thorough 12-week training program, adhere to strict licensing guidelines, and maintain their licenses by completing ongoing training each year. Only licensed Kindermusik Educators teach our time-tested and thoroughly researched holistic curricula, instilling creativity, compassion and curiosity in children.