YOU are your child's most important teacher, which is why the classes are for the child AND the parent/carer; you can enjoy the experiences and share the memories together. You will have access to your Kindermusik Online materials, providing you with stories, games and activities to take the learning from class into your home and part of your child's daily routine.

If your child is enrolled in Foundations, Level 1 or Level 2 you will be fully participating with your enrolled child. Therefore, should you require to bring along a non-enrolled sibling, please contact Miss Catherine to discuss arrangements.

If your child is enrolled in Level 3Level 4, or a Level 5 class, your child will be be independent in the class but we will ask you to come and participate in the Sharing Time (last 15 minutes of class).  Siblings of all ages are welcome during Gathering Time and Sharing Time, but please do not allow them to be disruptive.  If you are a nursing mother, you are most welcome.

FAMILY CLASSES are open for you and siblings to stay for the entire class time.

Class sizes

It is of benefit to have minimum of 5 students per class in order to ensure that you and your child gain the best social experiences in the class.  If you have enrolled in a class and the number of students are low, Miss Catherine reserves the right to cancel the class. Every effort will be made to accommodate families willing to participate in a Kindermusik class, and this may mean that some classes will need to start out combined with another age group (ie: a family class) until numbers grow.

We also have a maximum of 12 students. Should you wish to enrol but the class is already full, please contact Miss Catherine to discuss the possibility of more classes becoming available in the future, or to be placed on a waiting list.

If you are interested in a class for your child's age group but don't see one listed on the class finder, please still contact Miss Catherine and she will see what can be arranged.  It's quite possible that other families have shown interest and a class could be created very soon!

Happy and Healthy

Please supervise your child when entering/leaving the building and using the toilet facilities. Please do not allow children to run around the main area as this will disrupt other groups meeting in the other rooms. 

Let us all look out for each other and keep the environment in class as healthy as possible. Hand washing after toileting and blowing noses helps reduce the spread of germs. Tissues, wipes and child-safe disinfectant will be available if needed.

All toys and instruments are cleaned with child-safe disinfectant before each class.

Please leave your own toys, food and drinks in the car or at home. Your child with need their hands and voices free to participate.

We also remove shoes during class so that as many senses are engaged as possible.

In the case of illness, please be considerate and stay at home. Sharing germs amongst other children and the educator is not a good idea.

Should Miss Catherine be required to cancel a class for any reason, notice will be given prior to class via email or text message. A credit will be issued in the next due payment.


Enrollment fees are calculated and due at the beginning of each term. Should you enroll mid-term, all fees will be prorated.
Your fees include the cost of instruction and your access to  Kindermusik Online.

One-off classes (ie: Playdates) are priced separately. These are listed as a separate class on the class finder, and also listed on the Facebook page under 'Events'.

Should you decide to cancel your child's enrollment, please give at least one week's notice.
The first 4 weeks fees are non-refundable. Any Kindermusik Online units received are yours to keep.