Kindermusik @School - Daycare and Preschools

Kindermusik @School uses our literacy-rich music curriculum to encourage a child's love of learning and engaging in musical activities, building the foundation for a life-time of learning.
Activities are designed to celebrate the importance of music's basic 'language' in developmentally appropriate ways, nurturing those rhythmic, pattern-making, musical seeds naturally implanted in a child's brain.

Music is scientifically proven to stimulate language-learning, including those listening skills which are essential to school success.  Those early literacy skills, such as phonological awareness, are improved with musical instruction.

Kindermusik @School is a program that provides structure with the flexibility to cater to the needs of the children present, enabling children of ALL abilities to flourish. Children with limited English vocabulary or disabilities can participate successfully, whilst still building their language and music skills.

What does a class include?
- greeting, story and quiet-time rituals in each class
- the use of songs and rhymes to build phonetic awareness, and using their voices in song and expressive speech
- the use of age-appropriate instruments to build fine motor skills and co-ordination
- movement to music to help creative neural learning pathways, while enhancing motor skills and physical development
- focused listening activities to improve skills in following instruction
- stories, imaginative play and turn-taking.

What's included in registration?

If you're interested in using Kindermusik @School in your family daycare, preschool, or other Early Childhood service, you'd receive:
- WEEKLY 30-45 minute sessions (as required per age-group/setting)
- Developmentally appropriate curriculum for toddlers and preschoolers
- Weekly 'Bring the Learning Home' pages to distribute to families to encourage the musical fun and parental involvement after class
- Each parent receives access to the Kindermusik @Home digital materials each month, which includes:
              * monthly music album of up to 20 songs, which parents can download to their family library
              * family activities and story, as well as information about how the curriculum works with the child's developmental stages.

Please contact Miss Catherine if you're interested in learning how to make Kindermusik @School part of your Daycare or Preschool program.

Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Kindermusik Educators bring abundant talents from prior experience, complete a thorough 12-week training program, adhere to strict licensing guidelines, and maintain their licenses by completing ongoing training each year. Only licensed Kindermusik Educators teach our time-tested and thoroughly researched holistic curricula, instilling creativity, compassion and curiosity in children.